Kroger and Ocado Announce New Highly-Automated Distribution Center in Florida

Through its partnership with Ocado, Kroger has unveiled that its latest high-tech distribution center will be in Groveland, Florida.


Kroger and Ocado are planning to build an e-commerce warehouse in Groveland, Florida. The center will focus heavily on automation and will fulfill online orders that will be delivered directly to customers.

The center be 375,000 square feet and will break ground later this year.

The county approved a development grant for the project and will be based on the percent difference between the value of the undeveloped property and the improved property value, according to Daily Commercial

In addition the the Groveland center, Kroger and Ocado have plans to build one in the Mid-Atlantic as well. Details of that location have yet to be announced.

Kroger is reportedly investing $55 million to build the "shed", as the company calls it. Overall, the chain will build 20 sheds across the country through its partnership with Ocado.