Software Chain Execution Software

Made4net revealed the latest release of their SCExpert software, version 4.12.

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Made4net revealed the latest release of their SCExpert software, version 4.12. This new release delivers software chain execution software that can pivot quickly, affordably, seamlessly, with maximum user configurability and minimal need for additional professional services. SCExpert is a all-in-one product of warehouse, transportation and labor and yard management solutions. It can be individually deployed, modified or combined depending on a companies needs. 

Duff Davidson the CEO of Made4net, said, “If the last two years have taught business owners anything, it’s that quickly changing market and customer requirements are the new normal. Today, more than ever, success hinges on having critical business systems that enable organizations to rapidly adapt to change. Our version 4.12 release adds more the kind of functionality our clients need to pivot as needed.”

From Made4net:

  • The latest release includes a new look and feel, new login options with various external authentication providers and new label design capabilities.
  • A Refreshed User Interface: A new look and feel based on customer feedback includes features like redesigned action bars to enable more intuitive use of the system.
  • Security Enhancements: Newly implemented support for single-sign-on (SSO) in certain instances means logging into SCExpert has never been easier or more secure.
  • A New Label Designer: A new drag-and-drop based screen editor lets users create ZPL labels in a flash. The editor includes templates that are easy to resize and customize. There’s no need to upload files or use third party software for designing labels.
  • Enhanced Inventory Control Capabilities: System upgrades allow users to more easily track and trace inventory adjustments and related reason codes and allow for more flexibility in executing warehouse transactions, including reversing receiving and picking tasks.