Grocery Stores Look for New Ideas as Amazon Prime Expands

With Amazon now able to deliver groceries to its customers in less than two hours, grocery stores are looking for new ways to compete.

Grocery Store

Amazon recently expanded Prime Now so that customers can get their groceries delivered to them in less than two hours. Grocery stores are turning to new digital efforts to try and compete with the e-commerce giant. Walmart is in the developmental stage of an app that will let users swipe left or right on their device to find their groceries and Target has recently launched same day shipping with Shipt.

InstaCart is particularly threatened by Amazon’s expansion. They announced another wave of financing. The delivery service signed a five-year deal with Amazon back in 2016, but now finds itself competing with Amazon couriers.

While Amazon’s online food efforts are growing, the Whole Foods storefronts are just drifting along.

America is going toward online grocery shopping two times faster than expected. In five years time, it is expected that 70 percent of groceries will be purchased online.

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