PaperBoy Introduces The First Recycled Paper Wine Bottle

Truett-Hurst, Inc., makers of PaperBoy Wines, colaborates with Ecologic Brands for its new PaperBoy Wine recycled paper bottles.


Truett-Hurst, Inc., makers of innovative super-premium, ultra-premium and luxury wine, announced recently that they have completed a general supply agreement with Ecologic Brands, Inc., to produce paper bottles for their groundbreaking PaperBoy brand. Ecologic Brands has been recognized for making America's first recycled paper bottles offering consumers a choice in packaging beyond plastic or glass.

Truett-Hurst's PaperBoy recyclable wine bottles are made from compressed recycled cardboard formed into the shape of a standard Bordeaux wine bottle, are 85 percent lighter than traditional glass bottles and filled with appellation–based, super-premium wines sourced from the Mendocino and Paso Robles growing regions. PaperBoy is available in 45 states and has two offerings: a 2012 Paso Robles Red Blend and a 2012 Mendocino Chardonnay.

"We are enthusiastic about the early sales and consumer pull for our PaperBoy brand," said Phillip L. Hurst, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Truett-Hurst, Inc. " We believe this is an important step in solidifying the future for PaperBoy wine and we're excited to get this deal done with Ecologic."  

"We are excited about partnering with Truett-Hurst in growing the wine category through innovation," said Ecologic Brands CEO and Founder Julie Corbett. "This is an important milestone that will drive Ecologic's mission of creating jobs and building a sustainable future with eco-friendly packaging designed and manufactured in California."

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