China Intensifies Food Safety Check Ahead Of Spring Festival

Beijing: China will make "all-out efforts" to step up safety overhauls of food necessities in the production and logistics chains to prevent mishaps during the upcoming Spring Festival shopping season.

Authorities of agriculture, quality inspection, commerce and public security will enhance joint patrols and secret inspections of the food market.

Rice, cooking oil, meat, egg, dairy products and frozen food will be put on the target list, the State Council Food Safety Commission said in a circular.

Efforts will be made to prevent any fake farm produce or harmful pesticide residue affecting the health of consumers, the circular said.

Several food safety scandals rattled the nation in 2011, including meat processors adding cancer-causing clenbuterol to pig feed to produce lean meat and restaurants serving food cooked with recycled oil known as "gutter oil."

China's Spring Festival, or Lunar New Year, falls on January 23.