Frontera Produce Selects HarvestMark for Pineapple Traceability

Redwood City, CA: Frontera Produce, a progressive leader in the fresh produce industry, will begin deploying the HarvestMark item-level traceability solution on many of its commodities, beginning with pineapple this fall.

Frontera will use the HarvestMark platform to connect with shoppers, gain additional insight into their supply chain, and enhance their food safety communication programs. In addition, Frontera will implement the HarvestMark DailyShopper service to gain insight into product condition and age at the retail shelf, helping to ensure market-leading quality and freshness.

"Our experience has reinforced that we need to engage shoppers in the produce aisle and at home, to share the story of our products and traceability programs, and give them peace of mind in purchasing fresh food for their families," says Will Steele, president and CEO of Frontera Produce. "HarvestMark allows us to reach the shopper in the aisle and in the kitchen with this important information."

Founded in 1992, Frontera Produce offers a year-round supply of fresh produce from all major United States growing areas, as well as Mexico, Central, and South America. Today the company utilizes HarvestMark traceability on its seasonal watermelons. The pineapple traceability program will be Frontera's first year-round program, and the first national brand pineapple shipper to implement HarvestMark traceability.

"Frontera Produce proactively engaged the HarvestMark team last summer," says J. Scott Carr, CEO of YottaMark. "We are pleased to partner with Frontera to create new connections with shoppers, provide groundbreaking insights into shelf quality, and help ensure they continue to be a standard-bearer for quality in our industry."

HarvestMark traceability will begin appearing on Frontera pineapples in November. Shoppers will be able to use mobile phones to scan the HarvestMark QR code on the pineapple tags to learn when, where, and how their pineapples were grown. Using the free HarvestMark App and at, shoppers will also be able to share harvest-specific feedback about the pineapples they buy, such as ratings on taste and quality. Tracing the HarvestMark code will also enable shoppers to learn instantly if their produce has been impacted by a recall.