Flexport Invests in Modern Freight Forwarding

Flexport releases its Certified Partner Network, a new platform it says is a pivot away from traditional freight forwarding models.

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The Flexport Certified Partner Network is a new form of freight forwarding that submits all partners to high-quality data, security and compliance standards in an effort to cut through red tape for customers. It is one of many ways data is being used in the supply chain to offer an easier and high quality form of doing business. Flexport looks to wield localized data, which customers can tap into to circumvent the numerous challenges in the current supply chain. The numerous platforms like this looking to transform legacy business models exhibit the severe change occurring throughout the industry. 

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  • The Certified Partner Network will help Flexport clients scale across 89 countries where Certified Partners currently operate. In addition, it creates an opportunity for Certified Partners to lower their cost to serve and scale operations for their own clients by bringing them onto the Flexport Platform. This two-way value creation reflects Flexport's commitment to moving the logistics industry toward a stronger, more connected future.