Yum! Brands, Interapt Debut Google Glass Tech At KFC

Interapt and Yum! Brands release new Google Glass training platform for restaurant workers at a KFC in Louisville, Ky.

Yum! Brands, Inc. and KFC have partnered with Interapt to develop a new kind of training platform that takes advantage of wearable technology in Google Glass.  The platform has been dubbed "Vision 2020" by Yum! Brands, and the app has already been successfully tested in a live KFC restaurant environment.

Vision 2020 was sponsored by VP of Yum! University and Chief Learning Officer Rob Lauber, who chose Interapt specifically "because of their experience in working with mobile applications, as well as their Glass experience."  One other reason Interapt was chosen: Location.  With Yum! Brands headquartered in Louisville, KY, Lauber concedes that "being located in Louisville made Interapt even more appealing."

The goal of Vision 2020, according to Lauber, is to improve the time to proficiency in executing key tasks in KFC restaurants: "For Yum! Brands, it is about helping people learn how to do things the right way every time, in the shortest time possible."   Lauber liked Google Glass for this project specifically because it offered employees instant, hands-free retrieval of detailed tutorials whenever a reminder was needed.  "We are always looking for ways to innovate our learning methods to drive more efficiency, consistency, and faster time to performance," said Lauber.  "Our customers want quick service, and we need to make sure our people are capable of delivering on that expectation."

Interapt CEO Ankur Gopal was excited about the opportunity to work with Lauber, as well as KFC President Jason Marker and Yum! Brands CPO John Kurnick.  "Projects like Vision 2020 are the reason Interapt was founded," said Gopal.  "We want to work with clients like Yum! Brands and KFC who are on the cutting edge, and who trust us to make their innovative ideas a reality."  

Last week, Interapt staff themselves were invited by Yum! Brands to participate in the launch of the prototype platform along with KFC employees.  "It was eye-opening to see KFC's training process in action, and taking part helped us identify ways our platform could be improved for future versions," said Interapt Director of Operations Hunter Gerlach.  "Interapt and Yum leadership also identified other areas of KFC's restaurant operations where we could contribute to their cutting-edge initiatives."

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