PathoGenetix Closer to Automated Rapid Bacteria ID Test

Developers of an Resolution Microbial Genotyping automated system for rapid bacterial identification are one step closer to launch.

PathoGenetix, Inc., developers of an automated system for rapid bacterial identification, announced this week that it has completed the first round of customer evaluations for its Resolution Microbial Genotyping System, an important next step in the commercialization of the product which will be available in 2014 for use in food safety testing and foodborne illness outbreak investigations.

PathoGenetix’s first round of onsite evaluations focused on leading contract testing labs serving the food safety market. Many food producers worldwide rely on third party contract laboratories for all or part of their food quality and safety testing programs. Wisconsin-based Marshfield Food Safety, LLC, was one of five contract testing laboratories to visit PathoGenetix in October and November for the Resolution Customer Experience Program came away excited for the potential impact of the system on food safety testing, 

“The Resolution System could change how pathogen confirmations are performed in testing laboratories," said Marshfield CEO, Roy Radcliff, PhD."The ability to identify and differentiate multiple serotypes from a single sample could give our customers the ability to quickly identify sources of contamination and track specific organisms through a production facility.”

“The Resolution Customer Experience Program provides important input for PathoGenetix as we develop our innovative technology into a powerful new food safety solution for the food industry and public health agencies,” said John Czajka, PhD, PathoGenetix’s Vice President of Business Development. “By offering industry experts the opportunity to work with the system, they have been able to see first-hand both the simplicity of the system and its exceptional pathogen characterization capabilities. PathoGenetix has been able to get detailed customer feedback that will enable us to fine tune the system to further match end-user requirements and existing laboratory workflows.”

PathoGenetix will be offering the Resolution Customer Experience Program again in 2014, with a focus on food production companies that conduct food safety testing in-house. To read more, click HERE.