Tesco Aims to Reduce Food Waste

UK supermarket chain to offer different in-store promotions to try and reduce food waste

After tracking and studying their 25 best-selling grocery items for a 6-month project into exactly where along their food supply chain the most food waste is occurring, the UK-based grocery chain Tesco has determined that they will use different in-store promotions on bagged salads, bakery and produce to try and reduce the amount of waste for consumers. 

The studies revealed that up to 68 percent of bagged salads are wasted and thrown away by Tesco's customers, with 40% of apples and 20% of bananas also getting wasted, costing consumers up to 700 pounds a year according to Tesco and the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) who helped to compile the data. 

In order to help reduce these numbers, Tesco said it will no longer offer "multibuy" promotions on bagged salads, instead using "more intelligent" promotions according to a Tesco spokesperson. The supermarket will also use smaller cases to display fruits and vegetables and would remove the "display until" dates from produce in the store. To read more, click HERE.