Mondelez To Take Grocery Store Shelves Hi-Tech

Embedded weight sensor will detect when items are picked off the shelf in order to launch in-store advertising or coupons

Snack food giant Mondelez International recently revealed plans to debut a grocery shelf in 2015 that comes equipped with sensors to determine the age and sex of passing customers in order to funnel more of the right products to the right consumers, and even convince undecided customers to commit to an impulse buy by offering well-timed in-store commercials or coupons when the embedded weight sensor learns they've picked up an item.

The shelf, which is hooked up to Microsoft's Kinect controller, will be able to use basic facial features like bone structure to build a profile of a potential snacker, Mondelez CIO Mark Dajani told the Wall Street Journal. While pictures of your actual face won't be stored, aggregate demographic data from thousands of transactions will be. To read more, click HERE.