Trump's Tariff to Cost 20,000 Beverage Jobs

The prospective aluminum tariff could potentially tax any beverage in an aluminum can.

Aluminum Cans

Preisdent Donald Trump announced his intentions to impose a 10 percent tariff on aluminum last week. The Trump administration immediately received backlash from many, including U.S. allies, but now he is facing critiques from the beverage industry. Brewers are arguing that the aluminum tariff could potentially bring a new tax on any beverage in an aluminum can.

The Beer Institute said that the tariff would increase the cost of aluminum and cost jobs throughout the entire beverage supply chain.

The new tariff will bring a new $347.7 million tax on the beverage industry, resulting in over 20,000 jobs to be cut.

Miller Coors took to social media to express its distaste for the tariff.

Prices for aluminum have surged in the U.S. as participants prepare for measures that would increase costs and tighten supplies. 

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