Ryder’s New RyderShare Platform Helps Connect Supply Chains in Real Time

RyderShare integrates the data from multiple transportation and warehouse management systems into a single, synergistic platform.

Ryder Ryder Share
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Ryder System, Inc. announces the availability of RyderShare, a collaborative logistics platform that enables everyone involved in moving goods through supply chains – including shippers, receivers, carriers and service providers – to work together in real time to prevent costly delays and find efficiency gains.

“We can solve in minutes what previously took hours, days and weeks to course-correct,” says Steve Sensing, president of global supply chain solutions for Ryder. “Now, more than ever, there is a greater sense of urgency for real-time visibility in the supply chain and the tools that enable all parties involved to work together to ensure the on-time delivery of the goods we rely on every day. RyderShare delivers these capabilities, as well as the analytics and insights to optimize networks – all delivered by logistics professionals with the experience to make meaningful changes.”

Breaking down silos

RyderShare integrate silos of information and enables collaboration across the supply chain in real time. Leveraging the groundbreaking cloud-based technology Turvo and Ryder’s 87 years of operational and implementation expertise, RyderShare integrates the data from multiple transportation and warehouse management systems into a single, synergistic platform, which allows all parties involved in a supply chain to easily see potential problems and inefficiencies and take real-time action to course correct.

Real-time results

Still in the early stages of rollout, 18 customers and 90 customer locations, representing globally recognized brands across industry sectors, are already realizing significant results.

·        Increased productivity. Customers that rely heavily on service call centers have realized a substantial reduction in emails and phone calls and report increased productivity of up to 50%.

·         Efficient labor planning. Customers report approximately 35% labor efficiency savings with improved ability to more effectively plan for receiving dock labor.

·         Improved on-time performance. Utilizing RyderShare, one customer recognized an improved on-time performance rating of 99%, up from 95%.

·         Instant revenue recognition. Through RyderShare’s document capture, customers have realized immediate revenue recognition with real-time proof of delivery, eliminating previous delays of up to five days.

Forging the future of logistics

“RyderShare will radically change the way the logistics industry does business,” says Karen Jones, chief marketing officer and head of new product development for Ryder. “We cannot continue to operate in silos, not given the seismic disruption the industry is facing. A supply chain is not one company but a network of companies working together to procure materials, transform them into finished products, and speed them to market. That means, in order to quickly identify and address issues in the supply chain proactively, rather than reactively, we must have real-time connectivity, transparency, and collaboration with all parties involved.”

Insights and analytics

In addition to the visibility and collaboration platform, RyderShare incorporates best-in-class business intelligence tools combined with a proprietary analytics solution backed by a team of data scientists that apply predictive machine learning across supply chains. These insights and analytics inform future decisions, prepare supply chains for unexpected events and speed recovery from disruptions – all of which lead to improved resiliency.

RyderShare also features exclusive content from FTR Transportation Intelligence, and users receive the subscription benefit of data-driven market insights across all transportation modes and industry verticals, as well as key trends and forecasts.

“From business intelligence and analytics, to visibility and collaboration, to the Ryder professionals who have the expertise to affect real change, RyderShare turns the supply chain into a competitive advantage,” adds Jones.