Infratab Demonstrates New Cold Chain Apps at United Fresh Produce Show

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Infratab has unveiled smart cold chain apps and tags in its upgrade of Freshtime, its freshness monitoring suite of software apps and RF/NFC tags for perishables. 

Freshtime’s ability to calculate hours of freshness through its sensors and proprietary points system gives users insight into freshness budgeting for improved customer outcomes and an ability to monetize product freshness, in a secure and data-efficient system. In addition, Infratab has also been named a GS-1 Solution Partner for its ability to connect supply chain systems with freshness sensing and reporting.

Tag-level improvements include expansion of NFC support including full points log support, modifications for freezer use and better battery life; greater sensitivity in user-selected ranges.

Freshtime Go improvements include: Excel-supported reports and pdf reports, available with or without cloud access; automatic notifications to subscribers; customized versions of Freshtime Go including user-level dashboards and customized sharing functions (share only the data the user wants to share); support for additional RFID reader manufacturers and multiple attached readers, and addition of a web API.

Freshtime Mobile (for Android and Windows phones; iOS support expected in first quarter of 2018) provides additional supply chain support, including tracking transports, transfers and groups, NFC and UHF status checks; secure, confirmed and unconfirmed handovers; the ability to incorporate inspection notes; and tag and batch grouping functions.