Navman Wireless Introduces Temperature Monitoring Solution for Refrigerated Fleet

Navman Wireless introduces its new temperature monitoring and tracking solution will provide managers of refrigerated fleets with 'the complete picture.'

The company says its new temperature monitoring system has been designed to enable real-time remote data capture from all monitoring devices, enabling fleet managers to do everything possible to ensure temperature-controlled loads are delivered efficiently, on time and in condition.

"Businesses running refrigerated fleets are constantly looking for new ways to maximize fleet efficiency and simplify records, while doing everything possible to ensure temperature-controlled goods remain within set conditions," said Steve Blackburn, European vice president, Navman Wireless UK.

"This new solution enables real-time monitoring of temperature and other fridge-related data giving added assurance for customers and peace of mind for fleet managers.

"Our temperature monitoring solution is flexible enough to connect to the entire fleet, whether running stand-alone or in-built data loggers.

"Interfaces with all leading temperature monitoring devices commonly used in refrigerated transport and is suitable for use in refrigerated vans, trucks and trailers. It also enables compliance with all current legislation – including Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)."