Rand McNally Releases Connect Software for Integration Partners

Kissimmee, FL: Rand McNally unveiled Rand McNally Connect, a new software platform that allows seamless integration between Rand McNally's FleetWatcher web portal and third party applications, including most major fleet management systems.

Rand McNally Connect is being showcased at the Truckload Carriers Association's 74th Annual Convention beginning March 4, 2012.

Rand McNally is currently working with customers implementing Rand McNally Connect with TMWSuite/Total Mail and TMW's TruckMate as the initial customers to use the platform.

"Rand McNally's goal is to make the implementation of our systems, including installation into the truck and integration with third party software, as turn-key as possible," explained Dave Muscatel, CEO of Rand McNally.

"We know our customers work with a wide variety of service providers for their back-office needs. Rand McNally Connect significantly decreases the development cycle for integration, making implementation of our mobile communication systems much easier and faster for our customers."

When combined with Rand McNally's mobile communications systems, TruckPC and TND760 Fleet Edition, Rand McNally Connect enables data to be pushed seamlessly from the FleetWatcher portal into a company's existing fleet management system to support critical decision-making and reporting needs. For example:

  • Maintenance platforms will be able to utilize vehicle fault codes in real time to trouble shoot or diagnose more serious issues, and to provide instruction to the driver on next steps. Vehicle fault codes include items such as tire pressure, engine temperature, break pad wear, oil pressure and more.
  • Fuel tax applications will be able to utilize the miles-by-state capture to accurately assess tax liability.
  • Dispatch software will be able to accurately match a load to a trailer, a trailer to a truck and a truck to a driver based on the driver's HOS availability, the position of the vehicle, and the destination of the load.