The Impact of the Low Emission Zone

The Low Emission Zone (LEZ) was finally enforced last month across much of Central London and it is now expected that, at some point in the near future, the LEZ will extend to other parts of the UK and Europe. The LEZ was introduced in 2008; however, it was never really policed until last month when emissions standards become more stringent.

If a vehicle does not comply with the LEZ regulations, owners could face fines of £200. Furthermore, the cost of having a vehicle converted is a rather hefty one, as is buying a new vehicle altogether.

The cost to convert a vehicle could be as high as £3,500 due to the fact that the process is rather lengthy; furthermore, it can take up to three weeks to have your vehicle fully converted and re-registered.

VanQuoteDirect, a leading provider of van insurance quotes, recommends that you should check the regulations in order to see whether your vehicle complies or not, and if it doesn't then it may be time to consider the different options available to you.

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