Helping African Ports & Logistics Supply Chain to Stay Competitive

African ports are faced with serious challenges of productivity, efficiency, new investment and sustainability. This directly impact logistics and supply chain performance.

With world trade expected to double within 15 years and the growing importance of African countries as global trading partners, most shipping lines are investing heavily in new vessels, including vessels of 10,000 TEU capacities and over. Port and terminal operators must accommodate these new shipping trends and needs. Expansion of terminals is taking place in Nigeria, Angola and Egypt, and new terminals are being built in the Congo and Liberia.

TradeInvestAfrica is associated through a media partnership with The 3rd Africa Ports, Logistics and Supply Chain Conference & Expo 2012, which will be held at the Accra International Conference centre in Ghana from 19th-20th March 2012. The conference will address the challenges and strategies that can be employed in order to achieve competitiveness and supply chain innovation.

Are African ports ready to receive newer and bigger vessels? What are the opportunities in improving, developing and protecting port facilities? What are the finance sources for marine infrastructure? How can the congestion at ports be effectively managed? What are the intermodal options, and how can regional and international trade flows be improved?

The 3rd Africa Ports, Logistics and Supply Chain Conference & Expo will address these and more issues.