Wireless Lift Truck Charger

Resonant Link has unveiled their 19.2 kW, 400 A wireless lift truck charger.

Resonant Link
Resonant Link

Resonant Link has unveiled their 19.2 kW, 400 A wireless lift truck charger. This wireless charger for lift trucks and material handling equipment, was released at ProMat in booth #N9428 and can be seen by attendees. Those attending Promat can also join one of their daily workshops to create their own “5 Steps to Pilot Success”. This is an action plan for implementing wireless charging in either a warehouse or distribution center.

 “Anything that improves the operator's day to day experience is worth investing in,” said Grayson Zulauf, Resonant Link’s CEO, “To fully realize the benefits of wireless charging, we’ve built charging to be seamlessly integrated into fleet workflow, to be able to stop and start automatically and nearly instantaneously, and to work with every vehicle without maintenance.”

From ProMat:

  • Resonant Link has wireless and automatic fast charging for material handling equipment. This wireless charging system is suitable for autonomous and manual vehicles: one with the high powers they need to fast charge and the parking flexibility needed to reliably and easily operate.
  • It has a 10" air gap, +/- 6" of misalignment, the industry’s first foreign object detection system, and efficiencies of >90% throughout the parking range ensure a safe, speedy, and seamless charging experience customers and operators will love.
  • Resonant Link’s 400 A charger is as fast as wired chargers, safe in the harshest environments and is convenient.
  • It’s also battery agnostic and works with different vehicles, making it the only charging system needed to power your fleet while it works.