McDonald's to Keep Plastic Straws

McDonald's shareholders opted out of getting rid of plastic straws, despite improving their sustainability image.


In a time where it seems like every business is moving to become more sustainable, McDonald's included, the iconic restaurant chain turned aside a proposal to take the first step to ban plastic straws in its restaurants at a shareholders meeting. 

USA Today reports that a shareholder proposal backed by a consumer group received less than 8 percent of the vote at the company's annual shareholders meeting. If it passed, the measure would have required McDonald's to prepare a report to shareholders about the risks of using plastic straws. 

McDonald's management have allegedly recommended against the ban and cited a series of major steps it's taking to cut waste and boost the company's sustainability image. 

According to USA Today,  the chain distributes upwards of 95 million plastic straws a day around the world, creating fear that it doesn't decompose properly. 

Consumer advocacy group SumofUs started an online petition urging McDonald's to stop using plastic straws, gathering 480,000 signatures.

Currently, restaurants in the United Kingdom are testing using paper straws and only offering plastic straws upon request.