Big Investments for Food Security, Sustainability in Africa

Syngenta, DuPont and Monsanto are all betting on explosive growth over the next few decades in Africa

Swiss-based corporation Syngenta AG, is the world's biggest producer of crop chemicals like herbicides and pesticides, recently announced that they would invest $500 million in "small-farm" programs to help try and tackle the problem of low agricultural output in Africa with a goal to increase productivity by 50 percent for over 5 million farmers.

Syngenta said in a statement that its $500 million will go toward the "recruitment and training of over 700 new employees with a high level of agronomic specialization [as well as] the development of distribution channel networks, logistics and local production facilities, in collaboration with local partners, [which] will increase access to technology for both smallholders and large scale farms." To read more, click HERE.