Cold Chain Visibility Innovation Grows with Disposable Smart Tag

A new smart label from Muddy Boots by TELUS Agriculture helps reduce food waste through in-depth temperature monitoring. The solution uses a thin cold chain tag that monitors temperature and is disposable.

Cold Chain Management In Situ
Muddy Boots by TELUS Agriculture

Visibility in the supply chain has become increasingly popular, even more so in the cold chain as shippers look to protect their products from spoiling outside of necessary temperature ranges. Muddy Boots by TELUS Agriculture is the latest to try to corner the market in temperature monitoring with the Greenlight Quality Management (GLQM) Cold Chain solution. The technology features a smart tag that is thinner than a credit card, provides contactless operation and is disposable and recyclable. 

Per Muddy Boots by TELUS: 

  • The Greenlight Quality Management (GLQM) Cold Chain solution offers users a combined software and hardware approach that transforms products into an intelligent, self-diagnosing data source. Utilizing real-time cloud-based software to measure, identify, and drive continuous improvement of both cold chain infrastructure and quality control practices.
  • The solution seamlessly integrates with GLQM providing a fully managed, food safety and quality management combination that has been proven to reduce food waste and identify risks in quality or safety issues.

“We have innovated our Greenlight Quality Management software to integrate advances in temperature monitoring hardware. Combining quality and compliance data with temperature performance in an easy-to-use analysis platform. Driving insight into cold chain performance, driving proactive management of potential food safety and quality issues. Driving efficiency and reducing waste in the global food supply chain., says Jez Pile, director of enterprise food supply chain platforms, Muddy Boots by TELUS Agriculture.