Native Carrier Mobile App to Advance Freight Procurement Automation

The app provides carriers with direct access to large, reputable shippers with high load volumes.

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To help shippers and carriers uncover resilience, sustainability and cost reduction opportunities, Sleek Technologies launched a self-service mobile app for small to medium-size carriers. Once downloaded, the app provides carriers with direct access to large, reputable shippers with high load volumes.

“Sourcing the right carrier, at the right time, at the right price has been a struggle for many large shippers because most only have direct access to less than 1% of today’s capacity through contracted carriers,” says Mike Nervick, Sleek Technologies CEO. “By automating freight procurement, large shippers leverage AI-powered technology to remove intermediary barriers, and expand direct access to compliant, out-of-network, asset-based capacity which saves massive amounts of time and money.” 

“With the middleman eliminated, 100% of the carrier’s bid lands in the carrier’s pocket so they make more money,” says Andy Stump, Sleek Technologies CTO. “Plus, the shipper saves money by not paying hidden margins and understands true market cost because a carrier sets the price, not a non-transparent freight broker.”

From GlobeNewswire:

  • Once the app is downloaded, machine learning matches shipper load requirements with carrier attributes. After a load is matched to a carrier, the load becomes available for the carrier to submit an offer. The load is only accepted when the carrier bids at or under the shipper’s designated truckload price. If accepted, load statuses are automatically updated into the shipper’s designated TMS via enabled APIs. The entire process happens behind-the-scenes, and is seamlessly integrated into the shipper’s TMS.
  • The new solution combines all the features and functionality of Sleek’s existing Driver Portal and Fleet Portal into one comprehensive solution.
  • Other features include new in-app notifications, a more expansive load board and contactless location tracking throughout the load execution process.