Redwood Launches Open Digital Logistics Platform

Redwood Logistics launches LPaaS, allowing shippers to choose between different partners, technologies and solutions for a custom digital supply chain.

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Redwood Logistics says it is the first to create logistics platform as a service (LPaaS), tapping an open platform to mix and match various partners and technology to create a seamless digital supply chain operation, custom to the individual company's preferences. This new method, springing off of software as a service (SaaS) strategies, creates a single cohesive supply chain despite using different partners and platforms. 

Per Globenewswire

  • This proprietary Redwood offering is built around a revolutionary logistics and technology delivery model called Logistics Platform as a Service (LPaaS). LPaaS utilizes an open platform for digital logistics that empowers shippers to seamlessly mix-and-match partners, technologies and solutions into their own unique digital supply chain fingerprint.
  • As the pioneer of the LPaaS approach, Redwood integrates best in breed supply chain technologies and logistics services, leveraging RedwoodConnect, Redwood’s proprietary iPaaS platform, into a single cohesive digital and physical supply chain that changes and adapts as their customer’s organization evolves.