Mobile App Creates Chaos, McDonald's Workers Quit

Mobile app orders, new menus and features are causing McDonald's employees to quit across the country.


McDonald's has been revamping its brand by using technology, delivery and an ever changing menu. Employees are handling many more tasks without pay raises or adequate staffing.

With unemployment so low, turnover is becoming an increasing problem. Employees would rather walk away then deal with the pressure. As a result, customers will have to wait longer for their food and risk missing items from their orders. Drive through times have already slowed to 239 seconds last year. McDonald's drive through experience is already slower than Burger King, Wendy's and Taco Bell.

Turnover at fast food restaurants jumped to 150 percent over the last year. McDonald's hasn't seen an increase in crew turnover, however. Last year McDonald's employed 235,000 people, increasing efficiency to $97,000 in revenue.

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