New iPad App From Muddy Boots Helps Complete Audits, Assessments On The Go

Muddy Boots Software has launched the Greenlight Assessments iPad App, a data collection tool for completing audits and assessments on the go.

Muddy Boots Software, makers of quality assurance and compliance solutions for the food supply chain, has launched the Greenlight Assessments iPad App – a data collection tool for completing audits and assessments on the go. This new app enhances Muddy Boots’ existing Quickfire system by offering a truly portable data collection solution.

Quickfire from Muddy Boots Software has been designed to manage and monitor the process of harvesting large amounts of data more effectively. It enables businesses to collaborate with their suppliers on any type of audit or assessment, allowing information to be shared both up and down a supply chain.

“The complex nature of the food industry dictates that many of our customers across the supply chain are required to complete lengthy assessments in order to satisfy their customers’ requirements. It is our job to simplify this process whilst maintaining rigor and data integrity," said Josh Snook, Business Development Manager at Muddy Boots. "The addition of the Greenlight Assessments iPad App will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for our customers and their suppliers to complete this process. Now, our customers are able to complete audits and assessments easily from any location, without the need for Internet connectivity, using an intuitive touch-screen platform.”

“The Greenlight Assessments App from Muddy Boots provides another simple and flexible way for Unilever suppliers to collect data," said Unilever’s David Pendlington, Procurement Operations Director. "Using the App, assessments can now be completed when traveling or during farm visits, making data collection and submission a more efficient and streamlined process."

The app is available free of charge and was released to the App Store at the beginning of February.