iPhone the Device of Choice for Online Shoppers

According to the IBM Online Retail Index iPhone is number 1, iPad is number 2

According to the latest International Business Machines Corp., latest online retail index that measures retail sales done on online and mobile platforms, the iPhone captured more mobile traffic than any other mobile device, handling 12 percent of online retail traffic alone and up almost 50 percent from last year.

Apple's other device, the iPad tablet, placed second, capturing 10.4 percent of mobile traffic and also show Apple’s dominance among tech-savvy consumers who own tablets and smartphones, and shop for products on mobiles.

Smartphones equipped with Google’s Android system are catching up, as IBM data shows sales via Android mobiles grew quickest, with Android handsets absorbing 74 percent more mobile retail traffic over the year before. IBM doesn’t capture the share of quarterly traffic owned by Samsung’s Galaxy S4 device, the iPhone’s chief high-end rival. To read more, click HERE.