ArrowStream Partner To Provide Supply Chain Solution For Product Distribution

Chicago, IL, and Raleigh: Two well-known firms in the consumer products industry – Tompkins Associates and ArrowStream – have formed a partnership to unlock significant savings in companies' order-to-delivery processes.

Over the past 10 years, ArrowStream has built and tested its software suite with numerous brand name companies. "These companies have reduced logistics costs by an average of 7-10 percent, and this equates to an approximate 30 percent increase in logistics income for distributors," says ArrowStream's CEO, Steven LaVoie. "Moreover, they are realizing a 3-5 percent reduction in inventories."

LaVoie also notes that decreases in product movements effectively limit carbon footprints by greater than 10 percent in most cases.

Designed and tested in the food and beverage industry, this innovative solution manages the inbound process from pre-order to consumption. The combination of software applied with effective operational practices optimizes order management, inventory, logistics, and transportation – delivering meaningful financial returns and streamlining operations.

As a partner, Tompkins Associates provides operations strategies, process improvements, and implementation assistance to help assure early and sustainable payback.

Jim Tompkins, CEO of Tompkins Associates, believes that the ArrowStream solution is unique in its focus on item-level transactions and return on investment. "This is the best software application we have reviewed for managing the total order process, from planning to point of purchase in distribution," he says. "Optimizing inbound transportation and inventories together yields significant financial benefits, as well as operational performance gains."

The two firms plan to offer this solution across multiple industries, as reduced costs, lowered inventories and decreased footprints are top priorities for all executives and supply chain leaders seeking profitable growth and increased shareholder value.