IFDA Stresses Importance of Vaccine for Foodservice Distribution Workers

IFDA says that distributors are critical to keeping America’s hospitals running and provide an essential service and believes that these workers should have priority for the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Mark S. Allen, president and CEO of the International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA), sent a letter to governors and public health officials in each state requesting that IFDA members be considered for the first round of COVID-19 vaccines. He wrote:

“IFDA represents foodservice distributors who deliver food and other products to facilities including restaurants, hospitals, long-term care facilities, schools and other operations that provide food away from home. Distributors have worked tirelessly throughout this crisis to ensure the customers that depend on them have the products they need. As food demand has grown, the industry has also worked closely with food banks and other non-profits to provide food aid for hungry Americans.”

“Ensuring the continuing supply of food to foodservice customers is a critical government responsibility and state vaccination plans must ensure that foodservice distributors are a priority industry. It is critical that the men and women who work in the warehouses and drive the trucks to deliver these products can safely continue to fulfill their vital mission.”