Lawmakers Urge FEMA to Reconsider Ending Food Aid to Puerto Rico

Politicians from both parties expressed their concerns of ending emergency aid to the U.S. territory devastated from Hurricane Maria.

Hurricane Maria

Starting January 31, FEMA will end new shipments of food and water to Puerto Rico. Supplies that remains will be sent over to Puerto Rican government and distributed until stocks run out.

Politicians from each side urged FEMA to reconsider their decision, believing it to be a “humanitarian crisis.” Republican senator of Florida, Marco Rubio, reminded others that Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory and their residents are U.S. citizens.

Government officials in Puerto Rico were not informed of FEMA’s decision to cease supplies.

Emergency supplies was first sent to Puerto Rico last fall after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, killing a reported 64 people.

Currently, FEMA has no plans of resuming shipments to the island. Local officials can access supplies as needed from FEMA warehouses. 

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