Anterra Capital Announces First Investment in It'sFresh!

New venture capital investment firm to invest in food, agriculture companies with focus on improving supply chain

Anterra Capital, the new venture capital investment firm that recently formed following a spin-off of Rabobank's investment team, recently launched its new growth capital fund investing in innovative companies that will make the food and agriculture supply chain safer, more efficient and more sustainable.

The recipient of Anterra's debut investment is Food Freshness Technology Holdings (FFT), a UK food preservation firm. FFT's new technology, called It'sFresh!, absorbs and locks away ethylene gas, the natural plant ripening hormone. By reducing ambient ethylene levels, It'sFresh! radically slows the ripening and decay of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers in the supply chain, reducing waste and assuring consumer product quality.

"We are delighted Anterra Capital has chosen to invest in us. It'sFresh! technology has tremendous opportunities to reduce waste, improve food security and sustainability and provide consumers with fresher fruit in both the developed and developing worlds," said Peter Sugarman, Chairman of FFT. "For example if all UK supermarkets used It'sFresh! technology, we calculate they could avoid wasting over 13,500,000 packs of tomatoes and almost 19,500,000 punnets of strawberries every year. In each case that's a saving of almost 7,000 metric tonnes, an equivalent mass to the Eiffel Tower-and in only two of the many fresh produce categories, in one country." To read more, click HERE.