CDC Says Texas Outbreak Was From Cilantro, Not Salad

Half of the victims in Texas said they had eaten fresh cilantro in salsa before becoming ill

With the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) partially shuttered by the government the past few weeks there hasn't been recent updates on the investigation into this summer's Cyclospora outbreak, but the CDC finally broke their silence Wednesday when they released the results of the epidemiologic and traceback investigations that now trace the illnesses in Texas back to fresh cilantro from Puebla, Mexico.

Originally there were some indecision by public health officials, who connected the Texas outbreak to similar Cyclospora outbreaks in Iowa and Nebraska that were previously connected to a salad mix produced by Taylor Farms de Mexico. But investigators have determined that the cases in Texas and the remaining states were not connected to those in Iowa and Nebraska, and also added that the outbreaks now appear to be over with a case count of 643 in 25 states. To read more, click HERE.