Innovation, Market Diversification Drives Argentine Wine Growth

Rabobank releases their Wine Quarterly Q3 report with good news for the struggling Argentina wine sector

The Argentina wine industry should be able to take advantage of an expanding US Hispanic community and the Mexican market where alcohol consumption is relatively high in the middle class exists, by diversifying to these "natural" markets for continued long-term growth according to industry analysts Rabobank, Recent exports to Canada and China have recorded strong pricing gains as well, which is also a growing and attractive target for future promotional efforts.  

According to Rabobank and their Wine Quarterly Q3: report, the Argentina wine industry will need to adapt its wine offering without eroding its strong brand by identifying and adapting to new consumption trends, focusing on the millennial generation who are driving sector growth. Internationally, bulk wine pricing continues to fall across many regions and varieties, with Chardonnay and generic white wine pricing remaining more stable than many others in recent months, while Cabernet Sauvignon and other red varieties have seen some of the most notable pricing declines. To read more, click HERE.