Asda Grocery Stores to Offer 3D Printing

The project has taken 18 months to launch and Asda is hoping it takes the "family photograph" to the next level

Shoppers at the Monks Cross Asda store in York will be the first in the UK to trial the new 3D printing device, which allows objects up to the size of a family car to be scanned and printed in a miniature form. The service, launched this week, uses scanner cameras to capture every angle of the subject during a two-minute scanning session, which will then be recreated in 3D form by spraying ceramic fluid in thin layers to build up a solid object.

Asda is hoping the figures will be printed and painted, and ready to be picked up as part of shoppers’ next weekly shop. The supermarket predicts the most popular 3D items will be miniature figurines, and the technology will evolve beyond filling frames with photographs of friends and family to include 3D printed “mini me” figures will add a new dimension to shoppers’ mantelpieces. The lifelike models are also expected to be popular as personalized wedding cake toppers, or a tribute to a favorite pet.

“We are thrilled to be the first supermarket and best value retailer to offer this new shopping experience in the UK," said Mark Ibbotson, retail director at Asda. “Our customers are always looking for the next big innovation and 3D printing is a guaranteed talking point amongst friends and family this season." To read more, click HERE.