Overhaul Obtains SensiGuard

Overhaul has acquired SensiGuard security services from Sensitech.

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Overhaul has acquired SensiGuard security services from Sensitech. This will extend Overhaul's global footprint and will increase the amount of established offices they have. Overhaul will also be more protected from security risks such as cargo theft. 

"This is a transformative acquisition for Overhaul," said Barry Conlon, Founder and CEO of Overhaul. "It expands our global footprint, adds hundreds of years of combined supply chain experience to our team, and brings an impressive roster of international clients under our umbrella. With this acquisition, we’re not only the largest supply chain security provider, but the most comprehensive providing needed resilience with immediate corrective action. Our platform spans visibility, risk, compliance, and insurance and is well positioned to help our customers safeguard their cargo and discover efficiencies and opportunities on a global scale."

 From PR Newswire:

  • The acquisition extends Overhaul's global footprint, adding established offices in Brazil, Mexico, and Czech Republic. The company now has the same level of infrastructure across North America, Latin America, and Europe, increasing its ability to manage truly global supply chains.
  • The deal also expands Overhaul’s book of business, adding some of the biggest names in tech, pharma, and other logistics service providers.
  • Cargo theft continues to be an ongoing issue plaguing global shippers. As thieves adjust their tactics and focus on high value goods, the need for additional security to protect in-transit cargo is paramount.
  • SensiGuard and Overhaul will combine to offer a powerful visibility engine and 24/7 risk monitoring capabilities, providing shippers with a comprehensive, real-time solution for mitigating the risks associated with theft, damage, chain of custody, and other cargo security threats no matter where the load may be throughout the globe.
  • The deal also more than doubles Overhaul’s headcount, adding over 350 employees who support SensiGuard services bringing an incredible depth of experience and talent in helping companies take control of managing their supply chain risk.