Food and Beverage Sector Still Vulnerable to Risks in 2022

Sharp increases in commodity and energy prices, labor shortages and transport issues continue to challenge the food and beverage sector.

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The food and beverage sector continues to experience a number of risks and challenges, including sharp increases in commodity and energy prices, labor shortages, transport issues and more, according to a study released by Atradius.

In addition, consumer habits are changing as the end-client increasingly demands full transparency about their ingredients, production processes and supply chain, which could subsequently strain profit margins.

From PR Newswire:

  • The global food and beverage industry has various drivers that can unlock potential growth this year. These are the non-cyclical nature of the industry, a growing number of middle-income consumers in emerging economies who are spending more money on high than low value-added goods and the increasing use of technology to engineer solutions for global food supply are all contributing to growth.
  • However, these factors could highly likely turn the surge in demand into a snack rather than a full meal.