Augury Delivers New Features and Services to Keep Machines and People Healthier

Customized alerts allow users to decide which machines or production lines they want to focus on most, so they can keep track of their most critical assets.

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Augury unveiled a range of new features and service offerings for industrial facilities to keep the machines essential to even the most critical supply chains. Also unveiled were new guided self-installation capabilities, so customers can implement machine health monitoring in new facilities even when access may be restricted.

The new offerings include: 

  • Threads tagging, which lets team members notify each other in the Augury platform when they want to engage them with specific questions.
  • Customized notifications, which enables users to be notified on only the alerts that matter to them, while still giving them the ability to see all machines and lines if desired. 
  • Early insight, which provides even faster access to alerts via Augury’s AI, and provides richer context around the AI’s findings, accelerating customer response and resolution for equipment issues.
  • Guided self-installation, which allows customers to install Augury monitoring components themselves, guided remotely by Augury personnel. 
  • Automated connectivity alerts, extended battery life and power over ethernet for monitoring components, to eliminate gaps in monitoring while reducing the need for on-site visits by employees and contractors.  

“These days we’re all feeling the impact when we can’t get essential products, ranging from tissue paper to bottled water,” said Saar Yoskovitz, CEO of Augury. “Our customers are telling us that machine health and remote collaboration matter more than ever to them, and they want to expand their deployment of digital solutions in these challenging times. We’re now enabling customers to bring new machines and facilities onto our Machine Health platform even where personnel cannot come on-site. New productivity features will help our customers scale up machine health across more facilities and teams, and collaborate more efficiently while still staying focused on the issues that matter most. We’re delivering these features based on our customers’ requests to ensure they can continue to meet the needs of their customers around the world.”

Easier collaboration, greater scale

The new Threads Tagging feature works in a way similar to Slack or other collaboration tools, allowing users to notify team members or subject matter experts if they want their attention on a certain question or issue. All conversations are preserved in the Augury platform to help users in future similar situations and as an easy way to share best practices across the entire team.

Customized alerts allow users to decide which machines or production lines they want to focus on most so they can keep track of their most critical assets, even if they are monitoring hundreds of machines across multiple facilities. Management teams, for example, can choose to only receive alerts for the most critical production lines, allowing them to focus their attention where needed.

The Early Insights feature enables greater leverage of the Augury AI, shortening the time to deliver findings and alerts to the customer and providing more context around the alert. This helps reduce risk for machines that are degrading quickly, decreasing the time to notification and providing richer context to focus resolution efforts.

Together these capabilities make the Augury platform more productive and effective for even the largest teams who may be spanning multiple production lines and facilities. Under today’s unique circumstances, the increasing power and accuracy of the Augury AI and analytics engines is critical to customer success.