JAGGAER's New Software Highlights Budget Management

The JAGGAER ONE 20.1 software suite offers users a streamlined design for site navigation, new product icons and a clean working space.

Jaggaer 20 1 Release
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JAGGAER’s latest software release offers new and enhanced functionality that not only streamlines source-to-pay activities and guides users, but also provides additional visibility, insights and compliance management, with embedded intelligence such as a recommendation wizard for more proactive supplier management and a delivery lead-time predictor.

“Our top priority at the moment is to help customers get through the difficult business conditions around the world by giving them tools to retain cash, reduce costs where possible by exercising greater control over spend, and identify new supply chains to mitigate risk. These tri-annual releases help our customers navigate these market conditions and I am proud to say that they occur without disruption.  Customers look forward to the enhancements and are relying on JAGGAER to deliver on time,” said Jim Bureau, CEO of JAGGAER.

The JAGGAER ONE 20.1 software suite offers users a streamlined design for site navigation, new product icons and a clean working space to deliver an efficient consistent user interface across all JAGGAER products. The JAGGAER Smart Assistant enables users to search by typing natural language queries.

Other areas providing additional guidance to the user include recommendations for the supplier development plan in the Supplier Management module and enhanced automation for the Spend Management classification tool.

The budget management enhancement improves the visibility of budget consumption on non-PO spend prior to approval, allowing users to decide when they want to collect spend (e.g. collect when the requisition is submitted, after approvals, after sent to supplier, or when the invoice is paid. This new functionality also makes it easy to check and visualize total spend by budget in any document (requisitions, orders and invoices) at any stage of the workflow process.

JAGGAER has partnered with leading credit card companies to offer more convenient payment options to customers with virtual credit cards. These not only reduce the administrative burden on AP, they also allow companies to redeem cash back savings without the fraud risk and lack of controls of a regular credit card. Moreover, spend limits can be applied at line level. 

This new release also provides enriched analytics functionality, for example with new pre-configured P2P dashboards for requisitions, POs, invoices and workflows with options for customers to create their own reports, defining the dimensions and measures of interest. These dashboards will thus give customers at-a-glance insights into issues and metrics of vital interest, such as average time to complete a workflow, catalog compliance value and percentage, and invoice amounts and counts.

“We are continuing our mission to simplify and embed intelligence into our user experience in order to deliver optimal outcomes for our customers.  We fully appreciate that our customers are reliant upon our solutions to help them navigate current market conditions.  These enhancements make our solutions intuitive to use and to understand ‘what to do next,’ even for people with limited previous application experience,” added Bureau.