Resilinc and UPS Team Up to Ease Imbalances, Shortages of Medical Products and Supplies During Coronavirus

Resilinc and UPS Healthcare will collaborate to serve the healthcare industry by locating and delivering critical medical items and equipment via The Exchange at Resilinc.

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Resilinc  and UPS Healthcare will collaborate to serve the healthcare industry by locating and delivering critical medical items and equipment via The Exchange at Resilinc.

The Exchange at Resilinc is a cloud-based platform for the healthcare industry where hospitals interact with vetted peer organizations to locate and then initiate the process of borrowing or exchanging items listed on the platform. It launches in mid-April and is available at no cost for hospitals and healthcare organizations.

“As a result of the Coronavirus, our teams have collaborated with strategic partners across the healthcare supply chain ecosystem to help hospitals at the frontlines of the pandemic  facilitate faster, more efficient resolutions to medical supply imbalances and shortages,” said Bindiya Vakil, CEO and founder of Resilinc. “We are proud to work with UPS to get critical medical products and supplies carefully and rapidly deployed to hospitals where they are needed.”

UPS enables hospitals using Resilinc’s exchange platform to leverage their existing logistics and transportation infrastructure and commercial agreements to trade and ship items conveniently and with confidence. UPS recently joined efforts with the White House Coronavirus Taskforce, state health agencies and FEMA to provide supply chain services for the agency's distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE) and necessary materials throughout the US, including respirators, N95 masks and gloves for healthcare workers across the country.

UPS is pleased to be involved with The Exchange at Resilinc in providing expedited transportation of supplies to healthcare facilities,” said Wes Wheeler, President of UPS Healthcare. “We recently introduced new technology-enabled solutions for critical healthcare needs to offer improved package tracking, special handling protocols and enhanced contingency management to ensure the highest levels of speed, visibility and reliability.”

Through Resilinc’s exchange, all types of hospitals and frontline healthcare providers experiencing supply shortages can submit requests for specific items and be matched with peer organizations who can supply those items. With UPS integrated into the online exchange program, participants can select UPS for expedited transportation services, or they can use their carrier of choice.

 Donations of critical supplies by nonprofits or other businesses are also welcome and will be disbursed through an integrated donation center within the exchange. Hospitals can also loan devices to other hospitals through the exchange for temporary use to increase capacity during regional surges of COVID-19.