APL Logistics Joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance

APL Logistics is exploring the innovative uses of Blockchain technology within the supply chain.

Apl Logistics

World leader in integrated logistics, APL Logistics, is the latest member of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA).

Blockchain technology is promising to transform the supply chain and change how one good is being transported from its manufacturer to freight forwarders and to the hands of the consumer. Companies that were previously competitors now have the opportunity to utilize the technology to communicate with others and share information without assuming security risks. BiTA, a neutral organization, provides the platform where these discussions and inter-companies' cooperation can occur. 

"APL Logistics recognizes the importance and future value of blockchain. Our industry must be aligned to develop standards in order to get us all closer to reaping the benefits that can be experienced from this blockchain movement. As a participant in this alliance, we seek to bring value by leveraging our 170 years of shipping and logistics experience," says May Chew, CIO of APL Logistics.

Soeren Duvier, managing director of BiTA in Asia continues, "APL Logistics represents a global leader in integrated logistics solutions working on a number of cutting edge blockchain pilots covering several aspects of the supply chain and we are proud to have them as a member of BiTA. It is also gratifying to see APL Logistics recognizing the value that BiTA brings to the global transport industry. We see solid potential in growing our government and industry coverage also in Asia following APL Logistics addition to our increasing list of memberships."

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