Delving into the Future of Food at the 2012 Alltech Symposium

Lexington, KY: With challenges such as how to feed 9 billion people by 2050, it is an opportune time to take a close look at the current situation and explore what the future holds.

The world of food and food retail is evolving rapidly to adapt to changing technologies, populations and consumer needs. Restaurants and retailers are increasingly urged to "do the right thing" when it comes to food, both for consumer health and environmental impact. Beyond that, scientific advances could lead to a new world of naturally produced food that is designed for improved taste and nutrition.

Alltech's 28th Annual International Symposium May 20 – 23 in Lexington, KY, will explore the future of food through topics relevant to the entire food chain, from producer to retailer to consumer, including new global trends in food production, branding, consumer convenience, and nutrition.

Dr. Mark Lyons, vice president for corporate affairs at Alltech states: "There is a broad range of challenges relative to the future of the food industry — certainly we must address the very real challenges of feeding a growing population and ongoing struggles with both obesity and hunger. But when we talk about producing food, we must also realize that we are facing an era of consumers who are demanding more from the food they eat and the producers who supply it. Quality and transparency are becoming widely expected, while many consumers are also wanting food that will enhance their overall health."

"We want to explore how we can naturally produce more nutritious, better tasting food through improved technology and a greater understanding of genomics. Ultimately this can also create a more sustainable and profitable business environment for producers and retailers."

Food session topics will include:

•           The importance of consumers in the equation of sustainable agriculture: aligning industry and consumer goals

•           Consumer food insights and trends

•           How consumer shopping habits are changing in fresh produce

•           How do you differentiate yourself in the marketplace on health and wellness?

•           Quality assurance: a marketing ploy or a risk-reduction strategy?

Presenters for the food session include: John Butler, Beef Marketing Group, USA; Carol Cone, Edelman, USA; Don Goodwin, Golden Sun Marketing, USA; Hans Jöhr, Nestlé Ltd., Switzerland; and Bruce Stewart-Brown, Perdue Farms, USA. Additional information on the food sessions is available at

The 2012 Symposium will be the forum for more than 100 presentations by industry experts, including experts from: Domino's Pizza, Jack in the Box, Murphy-Brown, Future Farmers of America, and the Harvard School of Business.

Looking to 2050's burgeoning population, Alltech's 2012 Symposium will focus on ideas for better use of resources, improved business practices and natural nutritional solutions. New in 2012, breakout sessions will include legal, marketing, and information technology in addition to the popular aquaculture, beef, dairy, equine, poultry, pig, pet and regulatory-focused offerings.

The event is expected to draw more than 2,500 delegates from around the world, making it the industry's largest symposium. To secure your place at the 2012 Alltech Annual International Symposium, visit or contact

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