New Plastic Package for Peanuts is Worth the Weight

Hartsville, SC: For Planters, America's favorite snack nut brand, sustainability has been a core part of its business for some time. In order to reduce Planters' impact on the environment through packaging changes, the brand turned to Hartsville, SC-based packaging and sustainability leader Sonoco, one of the largest diversified global packaging companies. In conjunction with the launch of the "Naturally Remarkable" campaign in 2011, Planters introduced a completely new plastic package to further its heritage of sustainability.

Given the weight of glass as a packaging material, Planters 16oz. and 20oz. glass peanut jars were candidates for an update. The challenge for Sonoco was developing a lighter package that would not compromise Planters' targets for quality, capacity, clarity and shelf life.

Sonoco responded by delivering a durable, light-weight plastic option that weighted 84 percent less than the original packaging – while still meeting the Planters brand's stringent quality targets. The significant reduction in packaging materials led to several benefits, including a 25 percent reduction in the number of trucks required to transport Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts.

Additionally, Planters new plastic packaging is 100 percent recyclable and BPA free.

Planters and Sonoco share a commitment to sustainability and have a longstanding relationship that includes collaboration on many new products. For this "Naturally Remarkable" initiative, Sonoco had the capital and expertise needed to produce a sustainable container that met the company's product protection and shelf life requirements.

"Sustainability is inherent to our brand's identity, and Sonoco was the right company to help us lessen our environmental impact with our new dry roasted peanut packaging," said Scott Marcus, senior brand manager of Planters.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Planters launched the "Naturally Remarkable" campaign, designed to help grow stronger communities and raise awareness of sustainable farming practices. In 2011, Planters transformed open spaces in New Orleans, Washington, DC, and New York into Planters Groves – vibrant, peanut-shaped green urban parks that are part urban revitalization, part art. Additionally, Planters has made considerable investments in greening its facilities through better energy and water conservation practices, as well as waste reduction.

Planters also held the inaugural "Naturally Remarkable Planters Awards" to honor three American peanut farmers who are implementing sustainable farming practices and making positive social change in their communities. And to spread the sustainability message from coast to coast, Mr. Peanut has been traveling in his new Nutmobile, inspired by how peanuts naturally give back to the earth. The Planters Nutmobile uses environmentally conscious materials and is powered by biodiesel and harnesses the power of sunlight and wind.