Focus Turns to Food

Shoalhaven - Greens councilor Amanda Findley has questioned the environmental credentials of mass-produced ethanol fuel.

"How much carbon is burned in creating the fertilizers to grow the grain used to make ethanol? How much diesel is used by the tractors and equipment needed to harvest it? And then how much diesel is burned by the trains and trucks that transport that grain to be processed into ethanol?

"Although the final product might be a low carbon product we have to consider what is involved in making it."

She said more consideration needed to be given to the wider consequences of using food for fuel. "We don't have enough arable land to supply the grain, corn or sugar cane to create the fuel needed.

"I think the ethanol story is like a lot of things in life - we're only told the glowing part of it."

Opposition Leader John Robertson wants a one year delay put on the unleaded petrol ban.

"Barry O'Farrell has betrayed the moms and dads of NSW he promised to help with the rising costs of living," Mr. Robertson said. He said the predicted fuel price hike would hit those who can least afford it - pensioners and families who can't afford to buy a new car.

South Coast MP Shelley Hancock has dismissed calls for a delay in implementing the changeover to ethanol blended fuel saying it was good for the environment and Bomaderry's Manildra plant.


Source: Fairfax Media Publications