Product Review-Equipment

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Quickpick Position Indicator
Remstar's QuickPick Position Indicator (QPi) moving light strip allows operators to improve their order picking speed and accuracy, while reducing the amount of training required in automated storage and retrieval applications. The QPi indicates order picking information for Remstar horizontal carousels directly in front of the exact storage tote or container. The QPi moves vertically and positions itself above or below the shelf level and indicates the correct container by flashing arrows. It shows the operator the tote position, as well as the required transaction quantity.

Traffic Vest Harness
North Safety Products' Traffic Vest Harness is designed to keep workers safe where the danger of falls and other accidents are present. Made for fall arrest as well as work positioning, it features a FP700/3D nylon, sized harness combined with a lightweight mesh traffic vest that is brightly colored to increase visibility.

Dry-Cell Battery
Thermo King's EON dry cell battery boasts greater efficiency, a lower life cycle cost and a longer life than wet cell batteries. The batter uses Absorbed Blass Matt (AGM) technology to offer the characteristics of two batteries. It can deep cycle as well as provide enormous cranking power in one durable package.

Yale's NR Series Lift Truck
Yale Materials Handling Corp. introduces the NR narrow aisle lift truck series. The NR offers customers 100 percent brushless AC-powered motors, choice of two ergonomic operator compartment layouts and features like power lowering and regenerative lowering. Available in 3,000 to 4,500 pound capacities. The series includes the NR-DA, NR-EA and NDR-EA models.

Cargo Heater Kit
Carrier Transicold's Supra 950 truck refrigeration unit uses a 1.1-liter CT3-69 TriVortex diesel engine and a 6-cylinder compressor. The large engine and compressor deliver high-capacity refrigeration while running at relatively low speeds, reducing wear and tear on the mechanical system and conserving fuel. Basic inspections can be performed without opening doors or removing panels. Grab bars attached to the frame on both sides provide secure, convenient grips for service technicians.

Mechanical Right Angle Transfer Conveyor
Westfalia's Mechanical Right Angle Transfer Conveyor is constructed of heavy duty structural steel, has a 3,500 pound maximum load capacity and a standard speed of 40 to 60 feet/minute. The 4-way pallet transfer operation uses a combination of chains and close roller centers, allowing forward, left, right or backward movement, as needed.