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4SIGHT™ helps simplify your operation by integrating the loading dock equipment with intelligent software to monitor, communicate and manage loading dock status, and does so in a simple, easy-to-use interface.

4SIGHT™ Benefits Include:

  • Alleviates bottlenecks in and around the loading dock
  • Tailored specifically to your operations and warehouse design
  • Self-Contained – Can be Integrated with other systems
  • Requires No On-site IT Support Once Installed
  • No Required Maintenance Fees – pay only for the modules and upgrades that you need.
  • Provides actual dollar savings through increase productivity
  • Visibility to real time and historic al data on trailer load/unload process
  • Visibility to status of each dock opening and staging area
  • Increased revenue resulting from lower staffing needs, lower operating costs, smaller building scale (present and future), safer facilities and improved asset management.