JLT Mobile Computers Joins Ivanti Supply Chain Partner Program to Improve Worker Productivity

Ivanti Supply Chain has delivered mobile-enablement solutions to improve supply chain efficiency and worker productivity for three decades.

Jlt Ivanti Green To Modern Screen
JLT Mobile Computers

JLT Mobile Computers, a leading supplier of reliable computers for demanding environments, announced the company has joined the Ivanti Supply Chain Partner Program. Moving forward, JLT customers will have access to supply chain efficiency improvements and worker productivity enhancements available through a variety of Ivanti’s enterprise mobility solutions.

As a trailblazer in the field of rugged computers for over 25 years, JLT offers a broad range of high-performance vehicle-mount terminals, tablets, and handheld computers as well as comprehensive support, maintenance and solution services. JLT rugged computers are used in industries such as warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, ports, agriculture, mining and other demanding environments.

Ivanti Supply Chain has delivered mobile-enablement solutions to improve supply chain efficiency and worker productivity for three decades. A pioneering innovator in mission-critical device management, wireless infrastructure management, terminal emulation, voice, and mobile application development software, Ivanti Supply Chain helps organizations leverage modern technology in the warehouse and across the supply chain to improve delivery without modifying the backend systems.

“The Ivanti Supply Chain terminal emulation telnet client is used on more mobile devices than any other,” said Eric Miller, CEO at JLT Mobile Computers USA. “With customers moving from legacy systems to modern operating platforms on JLT computers, Ivanti Supply Chain solutions make it easy to migrate existing telnet screens or web applications to Windows 10 or Android. Field-proven screens get a great new look, work much better, and users love the familiar, intuitive software interface.” 

JLT’s participation in the Ivanti Supply Chain Partner Program helps customers take full advantage of their investment in advanced JLT vehicle mounts and mobile computers by migrating and modernizing their applications and software management systems. Ivanti Velocity TE and Industrial Browser make it easy to bring existing telnet screens or web apps to modern mobile platforms. Ivanti Speakeasy provides a fast, easy way to add voice to any application. Ivanti Avalanche is a proven mobile device management system. And its Session Persistence Server prevents dropped telnet connections in areas with weak coverage.    

JLT customers will be able to select from Ivanti’s many management, migration and productivity-enhancement solutions for their Ivanti Supply Chain certified JLT hardware. This helps JLT customers meet their business objectives, migration plans, and commitments to provide their workforce with clean, modern, ergonomic and easy-to-use apps that require minimal re-training.