Shipping Industry Warns of Catastrophe following Brexit

The UK is facing a catastrophe if it does not sort out its border at Dover and other ports.

The Guardian
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The UK is facing an " absolute catastrophe" if it does not sort out a “frictionless and seamless” border at Dover and other ports, the shipping industry has warned.

The UK Chamber of Shipping, which represents more than 170 freight ship, tanker and cruise liner companies, has called on governments across Europe to urgently grasp the challenge, arguing that a problem for the UK will also be a problem for ports in Holland, Belgium, France and Ireland.

The Guardian reports that during a media briefing Wednesday, the chamber said the issue was not the prospect of tariffs being introduced if the UK quits the European customs union, as these could be processed electronically. It was, rather, the question of customs checks on either side of the borders between the UK and the continent, and the UK and Ireland.

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