Japan's AEON Stores The First To Offer Sustainable ASC Salmon

AEON, Japan’s largest retailer, is the first store in the country to sell Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certified salmon.

AEON and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Japan hosted a launch event last week to proudly celebrate that ASC certified salmon is now available in AEON stores throughout Japan.

The event attracted an enthusiastic audience of local consumers, media, and stakeholders. During the session, representatives of AEON, WWF Japan, the ASC and Lerøy Japan highlighted the need for responsible salmon aquaculture, and spoke about the significance of bringing ASC certified responsibly farmed salmon to the Japanese market.

Kinzo Matsumoto, General Manager, Sea Food Department, Food Merchandising Planning Div., AEON Retail said: “AEON is proud to support sustainable seafood. With this market launch of ASC certified farmed Atlantic salmon, we are excited to be able to offer our customers an even wider range of responsible choices when shopping for fish. The on-pack ASC logo guarantees that the fish comes from farms that ensure that their environmental and social impacts are minimised.”

Chris Ninnes, ASC’s CEO, speaking at the event applauded AEON’s commitment: “I am delighted that AEON is committed to sourcing and selling ASC certified responsibly farmed Atlantic salmon in their stores across Japan. Salmon is farmed globally with nearly two thirds of all the salmon consumed coming from farms. With the sector’s predicted growth, it is increasingly important that the industry manages its aquaculture practices responsibly.

“We have seen a rapid growth in products carrying the ASC logo worldwide. There are now over 950 approved products with the ASC logo in 35 countries. In January this year alone, nearly 100 products and nine new countries were added. And, the addition of salmon products in Japan and globally will help boost responsible aquaculture even further.”

AEON will source its ASC certified farmed Atlantic salmon from the Lerøy Aurora Aroya Farm, which is part of the Lerøy Seafood Group.

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