UK Funds a Grass-into-Sustainable Food Packaging Project

Using cutting-edge pulp molding equipment, researchers at Bangor University are turning heating mixtures of ryegrass into fruit and vegetable packaging products

The Welsh Government’s Academic Expertise for Business (A4B) program announced this week the advance of almost £600,000 worth of funds for the Sustainable Products from Ryegrass (STARS) project, a collaborative research project between Bangor and Aberystwyth Universities and six industrial partners including Waitrose. The project is investigating a range of products that can be produced from ryegrass, including easily-recycled, fiber-based packaging for foods and other low carbon commodity materials including biofuels and platform chemicals.

The project is being led by the BioComposites Centre at Bangor University and the Institute of Biological Environmental and Rural Sciences at Aberystwyth University.

“Working on trials to produce prototype packaging marks an exciting halfway phase in the project and in the coming 12 months we’ll be focusing on optimizing these materials through collaboration with Adare and Waitrose," said Dr Adam Charlton of Bangor University’s Biocomposites Centre. “We’re grateful for the Welsh Government’s financial backing of the project and are delighted to be working with world-class organizations with significant market insight, offering real possibility to commercialize a number of product streams from ryegrass." To read more, click HERE.