Dot Foods Expands Dry Warehouse

Second working level means quicker picks, added items and climbing business.

Mt. Sterling, IL: Dot Foods announced an expansion to its warehouse to be completed in March 2011. The $15 million expansion could mean additional 20-plus jobs in the dry warehouse for the nation’s leading food redistributor.

Construction on the 138,000-square-foot addition will begin on July 1 and is a combination of two-level high traditional racks topped with a concrete mezzanine and more racks. Warehouse workers will be able to drive forklifts onto this mezzanine and pick product 15 feet off the floor. Traditionally, workers can only pick product from the first and second levels; higher slots are used to store excess product.

This new concept doubles the number of pick slots in the same amount of warehouse space. It has been around for a number of years and has been used extensively in the retail industry. This expansion will improve capacity by adding an additional 9,900 slots and 13,100 reserve slots.

“The number of products that our customers want us to carry has dramatically increased in recent years,” says John Long, vice-president of distribution centers. “We needed a new type of warehouse space that provided more pick slots to accommodate this customer demand for more products.”

The construction is managed by Stellar Corp. of Jacksonville, FL, who has been involved with previous Dot warehouse new construction and expansions.